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fairbookingCumbria Tourism were pleased to be part of the soft launch of FairBooking UK last year alongside, The New Forest and Visit Cornwall. The aim of FairBooking is to encourage travellers to book direct, or through a FairBooking channel rather than through the Online Travel Agents (OTA’s). Wales have also recently signed up to this ethical campaign.

We have now finalised the details for the campaign which have started to be rolled out to other parts of the UK.

“OTAs play an important role in marketing, but encouraging visitors to book direct, making savings on the high commissions charged, has to be preferable,” read a statement from FairBooking UK.

“Doing so allows more revenue to be retained in the local economy and therefore underpins the sustainable tourism principles that we all strive to achieve.”

We feel that Businesses will play a vital role in the FairBooking UK campaign and are encouraged to promote the FairBooking message on their websites and on social media.

“France is way ahead of the UK in this type of campaign,” said Ian Stephens, Managing Director of Cumbria Tourism.

“This is not about us trying to take on OTAs, we would never stand a chance of that. It’s more about being collaborative with destinations and helping each other to promote responsible tourism.”

How does FairBooking work?

The concept is straight forward.

FairBooking encourages consumers to book directly with the accommodation establishment or via the local destination website.

Businesses and destinations in FairBooking Cumbria have pledged to offer you additional benefits and/or have also pledged to help local good causes such as a donation to the voluntary Mountain Rescue Service or Air Ambulance or to help fund environmental repairs caused by visitors.

All of the revenue generated by Cumbria Tourism is used to promote and develop the destination in a sustainable and responsible manner. Cumbria Tourism will also pledge 1% of commission income earned through to local good causes

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