Our connection to the outdoor landscape is imperative to our mental and physical development, no matter our age. It teaches us to look after our environment, and the importance of protecting it for future generations. It also enhances our senses, our physical well-being, and our natural curiosity to explore. And even more importantly, it teaches our children how to play, interact and to wonder about the greater world out there.

Here’s 3 reasons why every child should go out and explore their local landscape, along with the kid-proof clothing from Berghaus Kids that’s essential for getting them outside!

Mud Is Good

Simply being outdoors can massively improve a child’s physical health and well-being. The refreshing air and sunshine allows the body to produce vital vitamins, essential for healthy development. And whilst we’re at it, playing in dirt? Well, it’s one of the best immune-boosters around. So let your kids play outside and see a real improvement in your little explorers!

Afraid of them splashing around a little too much? The Berghaus Kids’ Drive Over Trousers are a great mud deflector, and thanks to their AQ™ membrane, are completely waterproof to boot.


Nature Is One Big Playground

Whether it’s a family stroll around Tarn Hows near Coniston or taking in the spectacular scenery across the viewpoint at Scout Scar near Kendal, letting your children explore diverse landscapes lets their imagination fly, and gives every child a new outlet to channel their energy – building muscle and heart strength up for a Life Outdoors.

With all that exploring your little ones are doing, you need to ensure that they’re wearing clothing that suits. The Tyndrum Full Zip Fleece from Berghaus Kids is an ideal mid-layer for action-packed adventures, where versatility is key.


Braving The Elements Is Essential For Future Explorers

Come rain or shine, it’s important for our children to experience the elements that shape our landscape across all the seasons. And in any case, the Lakeland countryside is infinitely beautiful, whatever the weather.

The Berghaus Kids Carrock 3 in 1 Jacket means that no matter the conditions, future explorers are kitted out for all-weather adaptability. The unique AQ2™ fabric exterior totally shields from the toughest downpours, whilst the removable interior fleece provides lightweight warmth, backed by a brushed finish for increased comfort on the move. Perfect for any adventure.

For the next generation of explorers, a new range of outdoor kit. Introducing Berghaus Kids, exclusively available at Blacks.

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