Flying above the Lake District with Virgin Balloon flights.

This weekend saw the Lake District, Cumbria welcome back the clear blue skies, so two Cumbria Tourism team members took the opportunity to see the area from a different perspective thanks to Virgin Balloon Flights, and what a view they got …

We will now hand over to Sam Tollerson and Sarah Glover to tell you about their afternoon in the skies with Virgin Balloon Flights

Sam said “This was the first time either of us had ever been on a Balloon Flight, so there were a few nerves but they were soon put to rest when we met our pilot Chris and the ground team Malcolm and John, who put us at ease after they explained what we were going to be doing.

We met our fellow flyers, 16 in total that included a group from Scotland celebrating a 60th birthday and also a couple all the way from North America who wanted to experience something different while on the holiday of a lifetime.”

Sarah takes over to explain the flight; “We took off from Graythwaite at around 4.00pm and were told the flying conditions were just perfect, and with clear blue skies we would be able to get a great view across the Lake District.

The flight was smooth, it really didn’t feel like we were at 3,000ft. While on the flight Chris pointed out various landmarks and talked about how the balloon flies, which was really interesting.


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We took a lots of photographs so we could remember the experience, what I would say is that they don’t do the experience and the views justice, you really have to take a flight yourself!.”

Sam’s final thought …

What an experience we had today with Virgin Balloon Flights, I will recommend it to everyone I speak to. It will be something I will remember for a long time. A big thank you to all the Virgin Balloon Flight team who made the experience so memorable.




Sarah followed up with …

I agree with Sam this is a memory that will last a lifetime, I too will be telling everyone about the amazing experience we had with Virgin Balloon Flights.

If you’re looking to do something a bit different in the Lake District then check out the Virgin Balloon Flights website HERE to book your next adventure.


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